2001-2004.5 LB7 Torque Specs


 A/C Compressor Bolt                                                                                    37 lb ft


 Air Conditioning Compressor/Power Steering Pump Bracket Bolt                34 lb ft


 Camshaft Gear Bolt                                                                                        173 lb ft


 Camshaft Position Sensor Bolt                                                                       89 lb in


 Camshaft Position Sensor Exciter Ring Bolt                                                  80 lb in


 Camshaft Thrust Plate Bolt                                                                             16 lb ft


 Charged Air Cooler Bolt                                                                                15 lb ft


 Charged Air Cooler Clamp                                                                            71 lb in


 Connecting Rod Cap Bolt - Angular Tightening Method                      1st Step 47 lb ft

  2nd Step 30 degrees

  3rd Step 30 degrees


 Coolant Pipe to Water Pump                                                                          18 lb ft


 Cooling Fan Pulley                                                                                         30 lb ft


 Crankshaft Balancer Bolt                                                                   1st Step 74 lb ft

 2nd Step 105 degrees


 Crankshaft Bearing Cap Bolt - Angular Tightening Method                  1st Step 72 lb ft

   2nd Step 97 lb ft

   3rd Step 60 degrees


 Crankshaft Bearing Cap Side                                                                         52 lb ft


 Crankshaft Position Sensor Bolt                                                                     89 lb in


 Crankshaft Position Sensor Spacer Bolt                                                         89 lb in


 Crossmember Bolt                                                                                         74 lb ft


 Cylinder Head M12 Bolt - Angular Tightening Method                         1st Step 37 lb ft

   2nd Step 59 lb ft

   3rd Step 60 degrees

   4th Step 60 degrees


 Cylinder Head M8 Bolt                                                                                  18 lb ft


 Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley Bolt                                                                   30 lb ft


 Engine Block Coolant Plug                                                                            13 lb ft


 Engine Mount Through Bolt to Frame                                                            55 lb ft


 Engine Mount to Block Bolts                                                                         43 lb ft


 Engine Mount to Frame Bolt                                                                          48 lb ft


 Engine Shield Bolt                                                                                         15 lb ft


 Exhaust Heat Shield Nut                                                                                 80 lb in


 Exhaust Manifold Bolt/Nut                                                                             28 lb ft


 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield Bolts                                                              71 lb in


 Exhaust Outlet Clamp                                                                                     11 lb ft


 Exhaust Outlet Heat Shield Bolts                                                                   71 lb in


 Exhaust Outlet Pipe Bolt                                                                                39 lb ft


 Exhaust Pipe Bolt                                                                                           39 lb ft


 Exhaust Pipe Bracket Bolt                                                                              25 lb ft


 Exhaust Pipe Clamp                                                                                       30 lb ft


 Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield Bolts                                                                      71 lb in


 Fan Pulley Bracket Bolt                                                                                 34 lb ft



 Flywheel Bolt - Angular Tightening Method                                        1st Step 58 lb ft

  2nd Step 60 degrees

  3rd Step 60 degrees


 Flywheel Housing to Block Bolt                                                                    60 lb ft


 Flywheel Housing to Upper Oil Pan Bolt                                                       37 lb ft


 Front Engine Cover Bolt                                                                                15 lb ft


 Fuel Block Bolt                                                                                              18 lb ft


 Fuel Filter Bracket Bolt                                                                                 15 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Control Module Bolt                                                               15 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Control Module Bracket Bolt                                                  15 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Control Module Connector Bolt                                              89 lb in


 Fuel Injection Control Module Connector Bracket Bolt                                 15 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Control Module Cooler Eye Bolt                                            20 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Pipe Nut                                                                                  30 lb ft


 Fuel Inlet Pipe Bracket Bolt                                                                           15 lb ft

 Fuel Pipes Bracket Bolt                                                                                 18 lb ft


 Fuel Rail Assembly Bolt                                                                                18 lb ft


 Fuel Rail Connector                                                                                       33 lb ft


 Fuel Return Pipe Eye Bolt - Cylinder Head Side                                           12 lb ft


 Fuel Return Pipe Eye Bolt - Injector Side                                                      12 lb ft


 Fuel Return Pipe Sleeve Nut                                                                          30 lb ft


 Fuel Return Sleeve Unit                                                                                 30 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Pump Assembly to Cylinder Block Bolt                                  15 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Pump to Bracket Bolt                                                              15 lb ft


 Fuel Injection Pump Drive Gear Nut                                                              52 lb ft


 Fuel Line Bracket Nut                                                                                    15 lb ft


 Fuel Temperature Sensor Eye Bolt                                                                11 lb ft


 Glow Plug                                                                                                      13 lb ft


 Glow Plug Connector Nut                                                                              18 lb in


 Glow Plug Power Feed Nut                                                                           11 lb ft


 Glow Plug Relay Assembly Bolt                                                                   18 lb ft


 Heater Outlet Pipe/Nose Bolt                                                                        18 lb ft


 Heater Outlet Pipe/Hose Nut                                                                          80 lb in


 Heater Pipe Bolt                                                                                            15 lb ft


 Idle Pulley Bolt/Screw                                                                                   27 lb ft


 Injector Bracket Bolt                                                                                      37 lb ft


 Injector Harness Bracket Bolt                                                                        80 lb in


 Injector Terminal Nut                                                                                     18 lb in


 Injector Pipe Lock Plate Screws                                                                    35 lb in


 Intake Air Heater                                                                                            37 lb ft


 Intake Air Heater Terminal Nut                                                                      35 lb in


 Intake Manifold Bolts/Nuts                                                                            15 lb ft


 Intake Manifold Tube Bolts/Nuts                                                                   80 lb in


 Oil Cooler Adapter Bolts                                                                               15 lb ft


 Oil Cooler Adapter Nuts                                                                                18 lb ft


 Oil Cooler Assembly Bolts                                                                            18 lb ft


 Oil Cooler Adapter Stud                                                                                89 lb in


 Oil Drain Plug                                                                                                62 lb ft


 Oil Fill Tube Bolt                                                                                          15 lb ft


 Oil Level Indicator Tube Bolt                                                                        15 lb ft


 Oil Level Sensor Bolt                                                                                    89 lb in


 Oil Pan Bolts/Nuts – Lower                                                                           89 lb in


 Oil Pan Bolt – Upper                                                                                     15 lb ft


 Oil Pan Skid Plate Bolt                                                                                  15 lb ft


 Oil Pressure Sensor Unit                                                                                22 lb ft


 Oil Pressure Relief Valve                                                                              29 lb ft


 Oil Pump Bolt                                                                                                15 lb ft


 Oil Pump Driven Gear Nut                                                                             74 lb ft


 Oil Pump Gear Cover Bolt                                                                             15 lb ft


 Oil Strainer Bolts/Nuts                                                                                  18 lb ft


 Piston Cooling Nozzle Eye Bolt                                                                     15 lb ft


 Power Steering Pump Bracket Bolt                                                                37 lb ft


 Power Steering Pump Bolt                                                                             37 lb ft


 Power Steering Pump Bracket Bolt                                                                34 lb ft


 Rocker Arm Shaft Bracket Bolt                                                                      30 lb ft


 Starter Motor Bolt                                                                                          58 lb ft


 Transmission Fill Tube Nut                                                                           13 lb ft


 Thermostat Housing Bolts/Nuts                                                                      18 lb ft


 Thermostat Cover Bolt                                                                                   15 lb ft


 Torque Converter Bolt                                                                                   44 lb ft


 Transmission Oil Cooler Clip Nut                                                                 80 lb in


 Turbocharger Bolt                                                                                          80 lb ft


 Turbocharger Boost Sensor Bolt                                                                    89 lb in


 Turbocharger Coolant Outlet Pipe Bracket Bolts                                           15 lb ft


 Turbocharger Oil Return Pipe Stud                                                                89 lb in


 Turbocharger Oil Supply Hose Eye Bolt                                                       25 lb ft


 Turbocharger Oil Return Pipe Bolts/Nuts                                                      15 lb ft


 Turbocharger Thermostatic Coolant Valve                                                    44 lb ft


 Upper Oil Pan to Flywheel Housing Screws                                                  15 lb ft


 Vacuum Pump Nuts - California Emissions                                                    16 lb ft


 Valve Adjusting Screw Nut                                                                            16 lb ft


 Valve Lifter Holdown Bracket Bolt                                                               97 lb in


 Valve Rocker Arm Cover Bolt – Lower                                                        89 lb in


 Valve Rocker Arm Cover Bolt – Upper                                             71 lb in (Two Times)


 Water Outlet Bolts                                                                                         18 lb ft


 Water Pump Bolt                                                                                            15 lb ft



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